Our e-bike tours

  • The only chance to see Prague out of the city centre
  • Focused on communism regime and local life
  • Tour is perfect for your last full day in Prague
  • Prague's most vibrant non-touristy neighbourhoods
60€ / 1500 CZK
duration 4 hours
  • The most popular ,,I Like eBike,, tour.
  • You will see 7 districts of Prague from 7 magical view points.
  • Tour is perfect for your first full day in Prague.
  • About 32 stops at Prague’s most significant locations, sights and buildings.
60€ / 1500 CZK
duration 4 hours
  • Choose your STARTING TIME.
  • FREE HOTEL PICK UP at your hotel lobby.
  • FREE REFRESHMENT during tour ( beer, snack, lunch, water ).
  • Group discount possible.
135€ / 3375 CZK
duration 4 hours

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,, First time in Prague? "

Basic information

The most popular ,,I Like eBike,, tour.
This eBike tour in Prague presents you with a very easy orientation of Prague and is perfect for your first full day in Prague.
You will see 7 districts of Prague from 7 magical vantage points.
On this ebike tour you will see the most important historical sites of Prague : Lesser town and Jewish quarter. You will also discover some of the hidden gems of Prague such as areas affected by the Great Floods of 2002 and 2013. Kampa island, or the John Lennon wall. Thanks to the 7 very different vantage points over the city, this tour is an exceptional experience, when you are in Prague.
All monuments on the eBike tour are connected by cycling paths.

We cover about 19km / 12miles without breaking a sweat on serviced electric bikes.

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the tour starts at

10AM or 2PM


4 hours


60€ / 1500 CZK

Why this price?

  • Discover both sides of the river.
  • 7 most incredible vantage view points on the historical downtown of Prague
  • About 32 stops at Prague’s most significant locations, sights and buildings
  • 1 stop for refreshment in the largest beer garden of Prague
  • You will see the place where happen the largest concert in our history.


  • FREE WATER and 19km/ 12miles on eBike


,, Discover Prague out of the city center ! "

Basic information

On this tour you will experience the contrasts between the historic city center of Prague and the outskirts of the city. You will follow the river on the best cycling paths of the city. Get fresh air, see new architecture, get a look inside the communist regime, or visit the atelier of the famous Czech street artist David Cerny.
We will take you to the places where locals live and work and after this Real Prague tour you will be able to say that you have really experienced Prague. Up to 60% of Prague residents live in communist era tower blocks. We will show you the conditions where locals live. You will visit: Strahov stadium, the largest in the world, with a capacity of 220 000 people, the Dancing House, a recreational area with a beach, the largest graffiti wall in central Europe, Prague brewery Staropramen or synagogue outside of Jewish town. The past and present of the Czech Republic all in one tour.

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the tour starts at

2:00 pm


4 hours


60€ / 1500 CZK

Why this price?

  • If you want to feel real Prague’s spirit and magic, this is the tour which will show you Prague as it is.
  • You will see the largest stadium in the world with capacity 220 thousand where (Spartakiada) communist’s propaganda event was happening for incredible 30 years there. We will even take you inside of the stadium
  • Places where local street art is created and where Czech artist David Cerny’s atelier is
  • Beach resort area where locals come to enjoy their spare time
  • The biggest graffiti wall in Central Europe where its colors will brighten your day
  • We will give you insights into stories of everyday Czech lives, traditions and even curiosities which our nation possesses


  • FREE WATER and 21km/13miles of discovering


,, Book a 5 star benefits on the Private tour "

Basic information

This electric bike tour is designed and perfect for couples and families with kids, who want to enjoy a relax atmosphere of Prague, out of the crowds. For many of our guests is important to get a local private guide for many reasons, it is easier to focus our city to your hobbies or job specilization.
All our tours go on cycling paths or through the city parks, you will feel very safe when ride an electric bike in Prague.
Our taxi driver pick you up at the lobby of your hotel 20minutes before the tour and stop on time at our office.
We stop to refresh ourselves with local beer and snack, both included in the price of Private tour.
This Private tour has also a nightride option from 6 pm - all monuments are lit.
You can also discuss the route with our guide before the tour and we help you to discover all attractions on your wishlist.
You will find out more about the history of the city and riverside views from the banks of the Vltava/Moldau river.
All your dreams come true when you travel and it is a motivation for all of us in I Like eBike team.

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the tour starts at

Choose your time


4 hours


135€ / 3375 CZK

Why this price?

  • FREE HOTEL PICK UP at your hotel lobby 20mins before the eBike tour
  • Choose your STARTING TIME
  • FREE REFRESHMENT during tour ( beer, snack, water )
  • Excellent option for famillies


,, Our dream is satisfied guests ! "

We are a local ebike company which however does big things for its guests.

We connected exploration of a city with electric bikes and created a green and positive company focuses on its clients – I Like eBike.

We are the 1st eBike tour company in Europe and in Prague as well since 2010.

It was a great idea how to experienced travelers can discover hilly Prague without a drop of sweat. Everything happened in a mind of a manager and an owner Jan, who formed an exceptional team of tour guides whom love their city, radiate with positive energy, mood and friendliness. And whom want to share Prague’s experiences with you.

Prague is quite hilly so it makes it difficult to conquer it either on regular bike or on foot. So why not to use our ebike tours ?

Our know-how? Make our guests feel welcomed, almost as if at home, as being among friends and help them connect with our history through great experiences.

We would like to help you with local restaurants, traditional local cuisine and secret pearls of the city.

With us, you are in the right hands here in Prague, just choose a tour and come to explore.

I like Ebike Partners


American legend here in Prague

Electric bike is a trendy way how to travel in the city through the parks, on fresh air with a minimum effort to discover all monuments of the city. An electric bike is working in a unique way; we use a system called PEDELEC with which a motor helps you when peddling.

All our eBike tours are ridden on the PEDEGO brand stylish electric cruisers. Electric bikes Pedego are handmade in USA, California.

These ebikes have exceptional attributes, design and large tires, thanks to which your ride is going to be really comfortable. Each ebike has its own name according to the most famous personalities from our history to whom we pay the same respect and care as to our ebikes. Our PEDEGOs are regularly serviced ebikes and they comply with all parameters of EU.

Let’s sit on the cruiser and connect your memories and experiences of Prague with PEDEGO ebikes.




1) What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is working in a unique way; we use a system called PEDELEC with which a motor helps you when peddling. Therefore, it is not a scooter, if you do not peddle, motor does not help you. Also, when you brake, motor switches off as well; thanks to this system ebikes are really safe. If you know how to ride a normal bike, you are going to enjoy ebikes for sure. It is a fun and a new way how to discover bigger part of a city without a drop of sweat. The electric bike PEDEGO is able to manage 75 km thus you do not have to worry that the battery would not handle the whole tour. Also, before every tour there is about 10 minute training so we make sure you are comfortable and ready to cruise.

2) I am over 60? I am in my 60+?

An electric bike is perfect in a way that it erases every possible handicap. Everyone on a tour has the same speed so you do not have to worry that you would not catch up with some younger riders. The other way around, you can adjust the speed as you wish so you can feel like Lance Armstrong in his best years.

3) Is it safe in Prague?

We use primarily cycle paths and parks to cruise in on our tours; Prague is a green hilly city and truly bike friendly. Cycle paths are marked brilliantly and they connect wonderfully each of the main city sights. We try to intentionally avoid the area around the Old Town Square due to its easy accessibility on foot and the extensive amount of tourists there. We rather want to show you places which are nicely hidden, breathtaking and not so accessible on foot. The development of cycle paths in a city is one of the priorities for authorities and due to that Prague has changes within last few years and is becoming to be superb place for cyclists. This can be supported by fact that only last year there has been over 4 million cycle trips done.

4) What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad we try to do our best to timely shift the tour. We have rain coats on every tour and if the gentle shower comes we stop and have some refreshment until the rain stops. We monitor the weather forecast every hour so we could inform you about the weather on your tour day though an email beforehand. We love sun as well and we will try to do everything in our powers to have sunny and nice weather during your tour.

5) Refreshment

You will receive a bottle of water for free on our tours. There are a few interesting places for stopping and refreshing along the way; we stop about 2 times during the tour. Our tours are not some races, but a pleasant experience within which you can choose from several types of drinks or food. These refreshments are not included in a price of a tour. We consider even younger guests so we try to do tours with small kids as private ones without any fees so that kids would not lose their concentration and enjoy the ride the same way as their parents.

6) How big can the groups/ tours be?

Our limit for a group is 8 people in case there are more guests, we split the group on 2 with 2 guides so the tour would be better, more enjoyable and all questions asked could be answered with full attention and quality.

7) What about kids?

We pay a special care and attention to kids. Kid’s seat is for free and it is appointed for kids from 0-3 years up to 23 kg. For kids over 7 years we have a special electric bike for kids called FISHKUS. For kids over 10 years we offer smaller type of an electric bike. We understand that even parents want to enjoy the city and that is why we help you with your kids. However, we are not a babysitting, the cooperation between parents and a guide is necessary; the same way as your experiences with your kids and normal bikes.

8) Payment did not go through

Payments are being done via PAYPAL, there is 100% security of your payments so as your privacy. Only after payment your tour is being booked. If you prefer paying on our bank account, please do not hesitate to contact us via email where we can send you necessary information and as your payment will be received on our bank account within 2-3 days, the tour is booked as well.

9) Conditions

Booking after the payment is non- refundable, however we provide a voucher which is transferable and can be used by whoever you want. It is also timely unlimited. It can be applied for both cities, Prague and Budapest. After payment and booking, we reserve you spots and a guide, for that reason we cannot accept cancelations of tours. Thank you for understanding, if anything happens to you we try to satisfy you maximally we can. Unlimited voucher is a fair play for your next visit of the city.

10) Renting of ebikes

You can still rent an electric bike by I Like eBike. The price is 25 EUR/ 5 hours, 37 EUR/ 10 hours. However, it is not possible to pick up these ebikes by your hotel. By renting an ebike you will receive a helmet, lock, basket and a map with possible tour. For renting a bike, it is necessary a copy of your credit card before renting itself; your card will be given back after the control. We try to do our maximum that even a renting of an ebike would help with faster exploration of our city.





Vlasska 15, Prague 1


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"Are you planning a teambuilding event or an event for your friends?"

In I like eBike we can take care of groups just as well as  we do with individuals. We have been collaborating with big corporates, incoming agencies and small businesses for over 7 years now. We have lots of of experience with tours of up to 50 people. Do not hesitate to contact us with your request,: we will create a custom fit package according to your needs and you will be able to discover the city effortlessly on the electric bike. The advantage of an eBike is that it is for all categories, the speed on all the bikes is the same which wipes out weight and age differences so nobody will feel like an outsider being left behind.

We will be happy to receive your email on info@ilikeebike.com where you can kindly mention the date and the number of visitors and we will send you our lowest price per package.


Do you like our concept?

Would you like a help creating the same brand in your city? Do you want to have your success assured? Lean on us. We have experience with eBike tours in European cities and extensive detailed manual of how to build I Like eBike in the city. Become a manager, get our franchise and we will build a business that is fun and profitable together. The only thing you need is to be eager, the knowledge of the city and tourism, and  own a basic capital.

At this moment we focus on these cities in which we would like to open a franchise:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami