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American legend here

Electric bike is a trendy way how to travel in the city through the parks, on fresh air with a minimum effort to discover all monuments of the city. An electric bike is working in a unique way; we use a system called PEDELEC with which a motor helps you when peddling.

All our eBike tours are ridden on the PEDEGO brand stylish electric cruisers. Electric bikes Pedego are handmade in USA, California.

These ebikes have exceptional attributes, design and large tires, thanks to which your ride is going to be really comfortable. Each ebike has its own name according to the most famous personalities from our history to whom we pay the same respect and care as to our ebikes. Our PEDEGOs are regularly serviced ebikes and they comply with all parameters of EU.

Let’s sit on the cruiser and connect your memories and experiences of Prague with PEDEGO ebikes.


From the very first moment we started our concept of eBike tours, we focus for quality electric bikes from the around the world. After detailed look we found modern, comfortable and powerful electric bikes who help you to discover Prague with no effort. Your satisfaction with our eBikes is one of the goal of our concept. We would like suit all ages, with all handicaps and needs with our eBikes. Please have a look for electric bikes we offer in I Like eBike.

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